“Never underestimate the impact you can have, even as a small business.”

Sarah Jordan, Founder of YOU Underwear


Making impact possible


Make a positive impact with our services

We help you use business as a force for good. We will work with you to become a B Corp, putting people, planet and profit first. You can use the B Corp framework as a guide for positive change.

The Programme

A 3 month in person programme to guide you towards B Corp certification.

We know that tackling B Corp on your own can feel daunting. You're not on your own. The programme consists of a small cohort of like-minded local companies on the journey who want to make an impact through their business.

What we offer;

  • 6 in person workshops
  • Deep dives into each area of the B Impact Assessment
  • Expert advice to help you prepare your submission
  • Case studies and inspiration
  • 1:1 individual mentoring session
  • Based in Southampton and Winchester

Personalised B Corp Journey

Bespoke support for your business wherever you are on your journey towards B Corp.

Every business is different and we provide the flexibility you need to get the most out of that journey to B Corp.

What we offer;

  • BIA reviews
  • Team engagement workshops
  • Improvement plan to achieve 80 points
  • In depth support to complete your B Impact Assessment accurately
  • Expert advice on all aspects of certification
  • Accountability; a trusted partner
  • BIA submission preparation
  • Post BIA submission support

Beyond business as usual

Explore the possibilities of your business with bespoke workshops.

Becoming a B Corp has a positive impact on the business. However, there is so much more business an achieve. We can work with you to become an even better business

What we offer;

  • B Corp re-certification support
  • Uncover your purpose and mission sessions
  • Climate Fresk workshops
  • DEAL workshops

Are you looking for a hybrid of these? Or something slightly different? If you’d like a sustainability partner, talk to us and we can build the right support for you.


We value your individuality. No two stories are the same.

We will empower you, your passion and intent through authentic practices which suit your business best.

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How about a chat?

We know that sometimes it's easier to take a few minutes and just talk it through.

Talk with us about your company and explore how we can support, book a 30 minute chat here.


Meet the Chief Pollinators &

A chance meeting at a local B Corp event was just the start of our story. We soon learned that we're both passionate about the potential that business can have to make a difference in the world. But we know that the challenge for small companies can sometimes feel too great, too distant, and overwhelming to face.

So we thought we'd do something about that. As trained B Leaders coming from different areas of expertise, we knew we had knowledge and experience to share. So, after ample amounts of coffee and cake, The Pollinator was born.

We nurture small businesses to have a positive impact in shaping a better world.


Paul Coverdale

Jaimie Harris




What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global certification for businesses committed to social and environmental good. Think of it as a stamp proving a company doesn't just aim for profit, but positively impacts people and the planet too.

What is a B Leader?

We are B Corp specialists, who are trained and accredited by B Lab UK to develop the knowledge and tools to guide businesses through the B Corp certification process, and use it as a tool for change.

What is Climate Fresk?

Climate Fresk is an interactive workshop tool designed to educate participants on climate change through collaborative learning, using scientifically-backed facts from IPCC reports.

Is it only for big companies?

Absolutely not. In fact, it’s easier to absorb the learnings when you are smaller. B Corp certification isn't size-specific; it's for companies, big or small, committed to social and environmental responsibility, ensuring all businesses can prioritize purpose alongside profit.

Why should my business become a B Corp?

Only you can know whether the B Corp journey compliments the values, passion and ambition for your business. Here’s what we think. The planet is at a tipping point and never has it been more critical for businesses to act responsibly. But there’s also an opportunity to make businesses thrive and succeed, whilst using profit for purpose. We believe that that acting like a B Corporation is the best way for us all to take that opportunity.


No business is too small to make an impact.

Be the change you want to see.

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